Monday, December 17, 2007

Run your Car on Water

Did you know that you can run your car on water?
Well you can - technically - because water is actually a reservoir of Hydrogen - the fuel of the future for transport. It as little known fact that its possible to convert cars RIGHT NOW to run on both petrol and water - using the petrol to convert the water into a useable fuel. If you are interested in significantly improving your fuel economy and fascinated by the prospect of running your car on water then you might want to check out Ozzie Freedom's site which tells you all about >how to convert your car to run on water!

The approach uses the electrical energy generated by the car to split the water using hydrolosis into Brown's gas. ( See Wikepedia entry for Brown's gas also know as oxyhydrogenand look under the applications section which confirms it's use as a fuel enhancement and the claims made on Ozzie Freedom's site)

Ozzie Freedom seems to have developed a compact electrolysis unit capable of feeding the Brown's gas which is produced into the combustion chamber. This could be very interesting and may be just the solution people need in a time of rising fuel prices.

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