Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sky Packages and deals for Christmas

I don't know what we would do without Sky at Christmas, there's just so much to choose from with a Sky package compared to for example Freeview. The latest offers from Sky in the run up to Christmas are really fantastic.

Sky are offering Free Sky+ Box offer on Movies and Sports Packs until 21st December
This is an offer for new Sky customers only - so no use for our family but great for anyone who is getting Sky for the first time. According to Sky this package includes a Free Sky+ box when you join with Sky Sport or Sky Movie pack (single)
£30 standard set up
• £25 M&S voucher - online exclusive!
• This deal is also available when you purchase broadband and talk (with premium)
To see more details check out the package with Sky sports here the package with Sky Movies is here

Sky are also doing a Free Sky+ box (worth £49) with Broadband, TV and Calls Offer. This offer is available until December 9th 2010 and includes Free up to 20Mb Broadband Everyday Lite with Sky TV and Sky Talk for under £20 a month. Free evening and weekend UK landline calls, and a £25 M&S voucher when you join Sky TV online

Prince William should be next King

It was lovely to hear that Prince William is finally to marry his sweetheart Kate Middleton. Their relationship does seem to be a real one - unlike some Royal marriages!

I read a few cynical comments that suggest that this marriage has been announced just now simply to keep our minds off the financial hard times that the country is going through. Sorry but I don't think that can be true - the timing of the marriage seems quite natural to me.

The other big discussion is about the type of wedding they should have - a full scale state wedding with all it's pomp and circumstance or a more downsized version to match the times?

For me there is no question about it - I think they should go for the full scale wedding - lets see a real full blown British royal wedding and show them all how it's done. The tourists will go wild for it - and lets be honest so will most of us. I just can't see why anyone would want a cheap wedding for a future king.

And talking of that it seems that most of us Brits want Prince William to be the next King and not his father Charles. For some people the whole Charles Diana Camilla thing didn't do Charles any favours and they would like to see his son get the throne rather than him. I agree with this. What do you think?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sir Allan Sugar insults Kirstie Allsop

Sir Allan Sugar can be a very blunt man and people who go on his show the Apprentice I guess know more or less what they are in for. Generally though he just makes comments about peoples business skills. In his latest how though he was really rude to TV presenter Kirsty Allsop and told her that she needed to go on a diet.

Now maybe Sir Allan Sugar doesn't know much about women but the one thing you don't do is tel them so bluntly that they need to go on a diet - and certainly not on a TV show that will be watched by millions of people. Sir Allan isn't much to write home about himself in the looks department - in fact he's got a face that looks like a face that looks like its made of badly crumpled paper - but clearly it has never stopped him getting ahead in business.

Allsop is a beautiful woman and doesn't need to take that sort of talk from Sir Allan Sugar - she should have told him that if she needs a diet then he badly needs a face lift !