Friday, November 12, 2010

Sir Allan Sugar insults Kirstie Allsop

Sir Allan Sugar can be a very blunt man and people who go on his show the Apprentice I guess know more or less what they are in for. Generally though he just makes comments about peoples business skills. In his latest how though he was really rude to TV presenter Kirsty Allsop and told her that she needed to go on a diet.

Now maybe Sir Allan Sugar doesn't know much about women but the one thing you don't do is tel them so bluntly that they need to go on a diet - and certainly not on a TV show that will be watched by millions of people. Sir Allan isn't much to write home about himself in the looks department - in fact he's got a face that looks like a face that looks like its made of badly crumpled paper - but clearly it has never stopped him getting ahead in business.

Allsop is a beautiful woman and doesn't need to take that sort of talk from Sir Allan Sugar - she should have told him that if she needs a diet then he badly needs a face lift !

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